A portable toilet is one such indispensable amenity. But why should you use such a toilet? Here are 5 good reasons you need a portable toilet for camping in Qatar.

Whether it is the Zekreet, the Inland, or the Fuwairit Beach, camping is always a fun activity on the golden sands of Qatar. It can serve as a quick getaway not just for families but also for a group of bachelor friends. As a result, several campsites have now become available in Qatar. For an operator of such a campsite, it is necessary that you provide all the essential amenities to your customers.

  1. Take them with you

The first and most obvious reason you should use portable toilets when camping in Qatar is that they are portable. This means you can take them with you wherever your camping group goes. Camping groups in Qatar usually travel in four-wheel-drive vehicles. You can simply attach a trailer behind any one of your vehicles and carry your portable toilet with you. With a larger camping group, you can even carry more than 1 portable toilet.

  1. Be hygienic when camping

Another good reason to use portable toilets when camping in Qatar is to maintain hygiene and sanitation. Portable toilets, both cabin and chemical-type, are highly sanitary. Using these toilets can prevent you or anyone in your camping group from contracting infections. For example, relieving yourself in the desert wilderness can expose you to various infectious diseases and parasites. Especially for women, answering the call of nature in unhygienic locations can increase the chances of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI).

  1. Be safe from wild animals

Portable cabins or chemical toilets provided by renowned companies in Qatar like Gulf Plant Trading & Contracting are extremely safe. With such a portable toilet, you no longer need to search for a safe location to go about your business. You can simply enter a portable toilet, shut the door, lock it and relieve yourself. Moreover, the doors of these portable cabin-type toilets are heavy-duty and cannot be easily broken down by intruders. Hence, with a portable toilet, while camping in Qatar, you no longer need to be wary of wild animals in the desert. 

  1. Avoid unnecessary hassles 

Reliability, cleanliness, and flexibility – are all terms synonymous with portable toilets in Qatar. This means that with portable toilets, you can forget about the hassles of carrying toilet paper or additional water when camping. The portable cabin as well as chemical toilets have running water and flushing capabilities. Hence, this makes your camping trips in Qatar stress-free and more enjoyable for the entire group.

  1. Be eco-friendly when camping

One of the most underrated benefits of using portable toilets when camping in Qatar is water conservation. Fresh water is already a d scarcity in Qatar. The running water used in portable chemical toilets is usually recycled or repurposed water. This eliminates the need for wasting fresh water in the toilet. Hence, by using portable toilets when camping in Qatar, you will be doing your bit for the environment as well. Moreover, this can inculcate a healthy eco-friendly attitude in all the campers.

The Final Word

For these reasons, companies like Gulf Plant Trading & Contracting provide both chemical, as well as cabin portable toilets in Qatar. The portable chemical toilets provided by Gulf Plant Trading & Contracting do not require any additional electricity or water connection. Moreover, these portable toilets also have heavy-duty doors that are vandal-proof, in order to provide you with a safe and comfortable toilet experience. Besides, these doors have a reassuring tight fit.